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Boulder folks working together for a bright future 

Making Boulder's Future Bright is a collection of elected officials, business owners, community organizations and engaged citizens of the Boulder area. We've come together to ensure that Boulder continues to thrive and evolve. Members of this group are from different backgrounds, but are united in their shared passion for the future of Boulder.

After completing in depth study circles with 100+ area citizens, we have now organized into five committees, each with a targeted focus on building Boulder's future. Within the next few months these committees' ideas will come to life -- we want you to be a part of this important moment in our city.

We can't wait to hear from you! Use our Get Involved page to see what our committees have done so far and to learn how you can attend an in person meeting.

the history

The 2015 Montana legislature passed Bill 411 to close the Montana Developmental Center in Boulder. MDC has been the largest employer and a central part of Boulder’s heritage and culture for over 120 years. 

Community leaders initiated a community-wide study circle process to help citizens come together to discuss this change and find ways to “Make Boulder’s Future Bright.”

What we found in the study circles is that citizens love Boulder for its distinctive character. This city has high levels of trust, healthy habits, a tradition of  caring for others and abundant recreational opportunities. This community is centrally located in a beautiful area and is safe, accessible, diverse, friendly, inclusive, peaceful and quiet.

about Boulder

Boulder is a strong community committed to planned growth that enhances new economic diversity

while preserving our natural beauty, clean environment and small town friendly atmosphere. Boulder is

a family-friendly town with an emphasis and focus towards promoting safe and healthy living and

creative new learning opportunities.

Boulder has a diverse economy that builds on its natural resources and heritage while safeguarding our

traditional agricultural culture. We continue to support and encourage local business and artisans while

promoting value-added products.

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